Flavours of Life- To my dearest friend I always have this belief that life can never be distasteful but it can always have varies flavours, some can be sweet some can be sour… but how they say it… that the life must go on. In this continuous journey of life …. I came across my soulmate, my best friend Devanshi Sharma. She is just like cherry on top in my pretty mess. We are alike but still pole apart. She has seen my worst side and so do I . But all I know is my life has got much better since the time I met her. Interestingly when we met for the very first time (during our interview for pearl) we chatted for hours till the time she was called for the interview and as luck would have we forgot to ask each other’s name. But on the very first recognized each other as if we got separated in our childhood in some fair of kumbh. Since then we are high on life…with each other’s company. I really think she feels blessed to have a crazy sensation like me in her life. :D

I am a very shy and reserved kind of person . I don’t really open to people too easily. But I am a peoples person who can listen to their grievances like really carefully… but still don’t open to them …. I am…. Ughh …mmmm….i don’t what I am … actually I think I have some kind of personality disorder, even better am a confused person may be ….. a pretty mess!! So I was born on 25th day of December in a very dramatic way…. Yes actually a dramatic way. It was raining heavily on that very auspicious day as my mom told me. It was raining like never rained before or may be after that as engraved in my memory. Born on such a noble day I always feel that I have some kind of noble responsibility on my shoulders… ummm too much of humanity… So , I have been a very notorious child since birth, every second day I was up with some new mischiefs. And after few years I got company in my mischiefs… my younger sister. As time went by I became a bit quiet specially after shifting back to Cawnpore . But the fact of the matter is I was never so quiet it was just a phase of life. Silly though :D

My writing for me is like “A knight in the shining armour”. I have started this blog so as to share my thoughts on different aspects of life. I am inclined towards making this world a creative place to live in.